Whether you own a home or plan to own one someday, it’s never too early to begin getting some experience with power tools you will need to perform necessary maintenance, repairs and even remodeling projects. You will find that your set of tools will continue to grow as your capacity as a DIY technician matures. But, until that point, here are the 5 power tools that will be required for most of the basic woodworking and home maintenance tasks you are sure to encounter – if you want to learn more, head over to Best Tools Reviews.

Circular Saw Power Tool1. Circular Saw

A handsaw might be alright for cutting through a single plank of wood, but if you plan on taking on a variety of projects, you will need this versatile power tool to save your time and strength and provide straight edges with very cut. There are cordless, corded and super-heavy duty circular saws. You should select the one that suits your current needs but also allows you to take on other projects as your skills increase. Just remember that these saws are especially powerful and larger model can be difficult to wield safely.

2. Electric Jig Saw

If you are passionate about fix-it projects and love to express your creativity in designs, the jigsaw should be next on your list. The jigsaw will allow you to cut in curved and circular shapes that allows for great variety of woodworking projects. Make sure you find a tool that fits well in your hand and has a blade changing system you fully understand.

3. Power Drill

This is often the first tool many people purchase as there are just so many applications for a reliable power drill. You can hang mirrors, repair furniture, put up shelves and accomplish many more tasks that requires this rotary action. Yes, you can even use it as an electric mixer! Most people will be quick to select a powerful cordless variety and why wouldn’t they? The cordless power drill can be a more versatile tool than the more powerful corded variety –– it is certainly the lighter and more portable of the two. But, there is something to be said for the reliability and cost-effectiveness of a corded drill. If you have the resources, get them both. But if you are only planning on getting one, you will get more life and useful service from a corded power drill.

4. Random Orbital Sander

If you are going to be doing all this woodwork, you will obviously want your final products to possess that smooth and finely ground surface that makes your work look so professional. This is where sanding comes in, but try doing it by hand and you will soon find it is a tiring and straining task. There are palm sanders which have the advantage of using all types of sandpaper. If you are not well-practiced in the fine art of sanding, one of these may be a good option to start with. On the other hand, if you will be looking for a powerful tool that will serve you well and provide superior sanding work every time, the random orbital sand is the tool for you. The random orbital uses a completely random motion that ensures your wood is not left with any patterns. Be sure you have access to the special sanding discs you will need for the projects you plan.

5. Air Compressor (and Paint Sprayer, Nail Gun, Pressure Washer, etc.)

A top quality air compressor has many practical applications the DIY enthusiast will find useful time and time again. Most importantly, an air compressor can be hooked up to a paint sprayer and used for adding the finishing touches to a large variety of woodworking and carpentry products. You can also paint your home, fence, bicycle and more. With the nail gun attachment, another variety of tasks will be com a whole lot easier. It is now possible to re-frame doorways, repair furniture, place crown molding and install baseboards.

You can also use the compressed air to clean up sawdust and regular dust from other power tools, appliances and even your laptop and keyboards. Furthermore, your air compressor can also be fitted with a special head that converts it into an effective pressure washer. Arguably the most versatile of all the power tools for beginners.